M.C. Simon’s official website is:


I have a straight question: “What do you think is inside this website for you?”

“What an egoistic question!” you’ll say looking at me with your deep beautiful eyes.

Aren’t we all egoists? Would you begin reading this website with no expectations of receiving anything from it?” These questions are my next strategy to approach you with.


Well… you get the idea… the main point is that I am writing for YOU!

I am doing this because… simply because I have something to say; something which will hopefully make your life easier… or maybe more interesting.

Or… what will you say if you’ll find more and more question to wonder about?

I do not want to choose a niche for this website. It’s better said my niche is Body, Mind and Soul… and all that can be included. Like you, I am a multi-dimensional being; I have multiple passions and areas of interest. Therefore, this space will reflect me as a person. However, We are all One, so here you will find your reflection also.

Moreover, if you want your words to also be published for others to read the depth of your heart, submit your article and if you wrote it according with our basic requests, you will receive as a gift your personal page.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

We can practically write about anything… it is a piece of cake accessing the universal book where everything is already written. Has someone told you that you need special powers to do it? I am telling you now… You don’t need them. The only thing you need is to Trust in YOU and in the Thought of Creation which the One who created everything had “in the beginning”!

I prefer not to be stuck in a corner, blocked by one specific topic. For this reason, I love to dig in as many areas as possible, fitting with the earthen time that I reside in. This helps me find our travel in these times and space, so amazing! In addition, best of all… I never get bored!

I read somewhere that on a home page you have to mention “something only you can offer that no one in your field does“.

What is it that only I can offer you? In fact you already have it All. You just do not remember it. Therefore, yes, I can offer you trust. I can make you Trust in Yourself. I can do anything in this world. The only condition is for me to want to do it with all my heart. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT also! You just do not remember that you can.

So COME! Come with me on our journey on this planet! It is a beautiful place and the journey is so interesting!

A journey in time and space! A journey through the Book of Life’s files…


Wait… wait!!!

I am still here!

In case… just in case that…

The free things found here are not enough for you…

Check the Services section also :)

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Brilliant post!

The Vast and Inscrutable Imponderabilities of Life

After many attempts to draft a suitable blogpost for this occasion, I’m giving up. I’ll say what I know best and say least, the truth underlying my experience. This blogpost sucks and it’s the best I can do under my vale of tears.

When I was invited to join My 500 words by Roslynn Pryor, I had no reason to expect I would succeed. I suffered from periodic long term clinical depression which I’ve struggled with most of my adult life. Being Irish by upbringing, I’d rather not talk about it.

When I wasn’t immobilized by anxiety and profound self-doubt, my life was characterized by periods of high production followed by drawn out events of despair. Lest you have some concern that I have not received proper medical treatment, I’ll clear that up right now. I don’t take antidepressants because they tamper with one of the fundamental things I enjoy most in life

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To the 17 year old Me

Exceptional! ❤

Falling Up

Dear 17 year old me,

I know you are scared about your future. You are about to set out to college in a very short time and you have no idea how that’s going to work. You do know that you have to go because you know that staying will probably mean staying with Mom and Dad forever. I applaud you for that. It is that deep, quiet courage that will see you through the years. trust in that courage.

You’ll fail college, but that’s okay. You will learn more about yourself in a very short amount of time than you would have in any other situation. The things you learn in the first attempt at college will be important. Don’t think you aren’t learning anything because you’re grades aren’t so good. You are, trust me.

You will learn what it means to stand on your own two feet. You…

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What’s In a Name?

Like the authors says… this is very interesting to think about…

Mimic Nature

What's in a name? What’s in a name?

I was watching a movie the other day that was about demon possession, and one thing I found interesting was the fact that to expel the demon you needed to know its name. It got me to thinking, what is in a name?

In the Bible, Adam had to name the animals, why did he have to do this? Some say that names help us differentiate between things so we can communicate, but what if there is more to this?

Lets use the sentence from the Bible and see what it really says. In Hebrew the word for name is שם (shem), but if you know anything about Hebrew you know they didn’t use vowels, just vowel markers. The letters shin (pronounced sheen) and mem could also be the word sham which is translated place.

I find that interesting, maybe when we use somethings…

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Hypotensive Food


WWW’s TUESDAY (Tips for Healing)
Don’t you know what WWW means?
It is simple… Wonder Woman’s Week

BP Love

I recently visited my doctor for a cold I had. And guess what… she suddenly wanted to measure my blood pressure.

She fixed her tools on my hand and after a few seconds her face turned into a phantom’s face… white, whiter than white.

“190/120″ she said. “Are you feeling well?”

“Well? Of course, I am well. As well as someone who caught a cold can feel”.

“No, no” she said… “Do you have headaches? Pains? Etc, etc.”

“No, not at all” I continued to maintain my composure.

In a nutshell… I went there hoping to receive a medical leave due to my cold. And, guess what? Half of my wish came through… I received my medical leave. As for the other half of my wish, I was surprised to find that the cold was a piece of cake and the medical leave was issued for the High Blood Pressure instead.

Great job, M.C.! You did it!

After receiving an injection from the doctor in my buttocks, as an urgent remedy, I went back home wondering what the hell just happened?

I am the healthy type but from time to time, this happens to me also. It seems that now it was the blood pressure.

Well… I am so lucky to live on this planet in this modern era when we can find anything, at any time, and anywhere. Yep! Anywhere, especially on the internet. And it’s free.

So… I rolled up my sleeves and I started to search.

Did I tell you that I am a researcher also? One of the best, my ego says.

And I found that the main reasons for having High Blood Pressure are:

  1. High level of stress
  2. Too much weight
  3. Too much salt in food
  4. Lack of exercise

Of course, blood pressure can be a symptom for many other illnesses, but in my case, I like to believe that these four are the reasons.

Of course I will go to the cardiologist, my doctor sent me to get a check-up. Of course, I will have a blood analysis. Of course, I will do whatever is necessary to be in contact with the medical system.

However… do you know why I will do this? Because the system has been extracting a huge amount of money from my monthly salary for so many years. And they deserve my revenge. I will spend their money now on my analysis, after so many years of not even stepping foot inside a doctor’s office. Yes… they really deserve my vengeance.

I am sure inside me, I was so bored by the many payments I’ve made, that by autosuggestion my body increased its blood pressure levels, just to be sure that I will take this retribution.

And there is another reason for which I will go. One of you… yes, you the readers, is my good friend Roxana. She is a medical doctor from head to toe. She is perfectly capable of killing me if she found out that I did not go and get the check-up. Just yesterday, she called me again to pressure me to do whatever is necessary to cure this illness. She is tougher than the entire police department when it comes to caring for her friends. She is hunting us down wherever we try to hide from her vigil eye.

Hey, Roxana! Are you reading this? I know you are reading my words! I love you, girl! Do not worry for me. I have already started doing my homework on blood pressure.

For the rest of my friends and readers who have encountered the same problem as me, I found something interesting; something that I did not know because it was not of interest.

The hypotensive foods… there are aliments that can almost instantly lower your blood pressure when in need. I already ate them for more than a week and guess what?

My blood pressure had these maximum levels while I was trying these aliments:

Day 1: 145/107
Day 2: 131/90
Day 3: 138/90
Day 4: 130/86
Day 5: 136/89
Day 6: 128/98
Day 7: 130/88

Oh… I forgot to mention. The day before my blood pressure went crazy, my “normal” blood pressure was 140/90. And this has been like this for more than 20 years.

It seems that after eating these aliments, my blood pressure went down even further than when I was in my twenties. I’m not suggesting that you are not allowed to eat anything else except for these aliments. I only want to say that I ate ONLY these aliments in different combinations between them and you just saw my results.

Now… Do you know what are the hypotensive foods I’m speaking of?

Let me tell you in case you didn’t know and remind you in case you already knew:

1 - Garlic1 – Garlic


2 - Onion

2 – Onion

3 - Leek

3 – Leek

4 - Green salad

4 – Salad

5 - Lovage

5 – Lovage

6 - Red beetroot

6 – Red beetroot

7 - Green beans

7 – Green beans

8 - Beans

8 – beans

9 - Potatoes

9 – Potatoes

10 - Catfish

10 – Catfish

11 - Codfish

11 – Codfish

12 - Trout fish

12 – Trout fish

13 - Germinated wheat

13 – Germinated wheat

14 - Germinated soya

14 – Germinated soya

15 - Germinated rye

15 – Germinated rye

16 - Yogurt

16 – Yogurt

17 - Spinach

17 – Spinach

18 - Apricots

18 – Apricots

19 - Peaches

19 – Peaches

20 - Bananas

20 – Bananas

21 - Pears

21 – Pears

22 - Plums

22 – Plums

23 - Dates

23 – Dates

24 - Peanuts

24 – Peanuts

25 - Oranges

25 – Oranges

26 - Almonds

26 – Almonds

27 - Milk

27 – Milk

28 - Cheese/curd No… don't wish for it to be salty cheese :P

28 – Cheese/curd (No… don’t wish for it to be salty cheese :P )

29 - Cocoa

29 – Cocoa

Don’t these aliments look great? Only looking at them makes me want to go to the kitchen and prepare something more to eat!

But… I will try to restrain myself from doing this. I can’t forget that we have four main reasons for high blood pressure problems:

  1. High level of stress
  2. Too much weight
  3. Too much salt in food
  4. Lack of exercise

Should I go now and exercise for a few minutes?

Oh… I am so lazy… I do not want to do it right now.

I better write a bit more on my novel.

Ups… I just had a revelation… The cure for what we call the writer’s block is to force yourself to do whatever you do not want to do. In this way, you will be more inclined to go back to your writing task.

Wish you all the best… and if you are a writer… happy writing!

I will be back next Tuesday with a new post with more Tips for Healing.

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I thought I would write about Happiness.

Why Happiness, you may ask and what exactly will I say about it?

Why write about Happiness? Well… only, because I believe we came on this planet to be happy. Somehow, we forgot how to be in this state. I don’t know when and who made us forget how to find happiness around us.

Everyone chases after happiness but I am wondering how many of us want to find and keep it for real? There are moments when I feel that we pretend we want something, but we enjoy exactly the opposite.

Haven’t you found yourself in this situation until now? No?

I ask you to think about it. Think deeper. Go there inside you and ask yourself… did you really accept happiness in your life? Or… in the moment when happiness found you, did a sudden fear of change came over you making you run away?

Today I will ask only a few questions. The theme is too vast to ask everything in one post and to try to find the answers that we are all seeking.

Why exactly am I writing about happiness? Why wouldn’t I? And why wouldn’t you? Yes, you, my readers. You can also write.

Finding happiness became the journey of our lives, but in the middle of the road we are still asking ourselves, “what is the meaning of my life?”

Will I finally be happy discovering this meaning? I’m referring to that happiness that no one can destroy anytime, anywhere, or anyhow… and whatever “any” thing else you want to add here. Or… is it somehow necessary that before finding the meaning of one’s life you first need to discover what happiness is?

Am I making myself comprehensible? Yes… I know… deep subject.

We came on this planet, in this modern era in which we have everything but still we feel miserable. Well… maybe not exactly miserable and perhaps not all people feel this but… tell me without equivocation, have you found Happiness?

From the depth of my heart, I would love to know… how you found it.

Moreover, what does happiness mean for you?

Did you find happiness and did it remain there for you?

If yes, how did you do it?

If no, what do we lack to receive it?


Lev Tolstoy said, “If you want to be happy, be!”

It seems that it depends only on us.

Perhaps Tolstoy discovered the secret of happiness. However, was he happy? Were his characters happy?

Speaking about writers and books… a sudden thought came into my mind now… I am trying to imagine myself reading a book in which everyone is happy. I am wondering what my reaction would be?

Can you imagine this? Let us say that the book’s title is “The Happy Family”.

Chapter 1: The family is happy

Chapter 2: The family is even happier

Chapter 3: Each member of the family finds that with each day that passes they are even happier than the other members of the family.

Wow… I am wondering… will this book ever attract me? Sounds boring, so boring… I am sure I would never read it a second time.

Oh… wait… I just realized… in fact this is a tragedy!

Yes… because… the final chapter must finish like this: And they lived happily ever after.

Here is the real tragedy, can you see it? After so much happiness, the ever after part will reach a point when one of the family members will have to leave. Why? Because we are humans and humans are coming and going, playing around then one day end up leaving.

When that day will come for the happy family, described in this book, what will the others do?

Will they still be happy?

Will this kind of book make you happy?

What is happiness then? Can we find happiness and keep it?

Can we be happy or not?

“To be or not to be”, this is the question Shakespeare asked a long time ago through Hamlet’s voice.

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Stanley Steisel Falls in Love

Another story that Jim Lyons will develop through Weave my Tale Project. Can’t wait to read more.

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